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Honorverse Today: An Honor Harrington podcast... finally!

PostPosted:Thu Aug 25, 2022 11:20 pm
by Raul Ybarra
I've been seeing comments or questions for years, now, wondering if there is an Honor Harrington podcast. I still can't believe that one has never been done.

Until now, that is.

Back in June of 2014 Jim Arrowood and I started the Babylon Project Podcast to celebrate 20 years of Babylon 5. About a 1/3 of the way through season 3, we added JP Harvey to the cast. We recently finished the entire run of our show including not only the series, spinoff, and movies, but the books as well.

I've been trying since almost the beginning to get Jim, and later, JP reading the Honor Harrington series. With the end of the BPP show, I've finally succeeded. We also didn't want to end our collaboration, so guess what is the natural outcome?

Honorverse Today

An introduction episode has gone up this week and we will be posting new episodes the first Sunday of each month. That means our review of On Basilisk Station will go "live" on 04 September 2022, a bit over a week away.

Now, I have read almost the entire body of works, except the young adult treecat books and the Manticore Ascendant sequence. I started reading them back in 1995. Jim and JP are complete newcomers. I can't tell you how much fun it is walking them through the series. Trying to avoid spoilers has been a bit of a challenge, especially when it comes to talking about characters. Yes, we have several initial recordings complete, but with post production and day jobs, it's going to be that monthly schedule to bring them live. :-)

Hope you will give us a try.


Ps - I will make an apology in advance regarding my audio. My cat, the 4-limbed variety, shares a lot of traits with the 6-limbed version. Part of that involves her riding on my shoulder. Part of that includes an "interest" in tech, buttons, and lights. She managed to get to the analog front end of my studio setup and make some changes to my compressor/expander. The result of which is that some of my words in the first couple shows are a bit clipped. This should be fixed as of ep. 3.