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Stagnation and innovation in RMN thinking

PostPosted:Thu Aug 02, 2018 7:58 pm
by Kevin Horner
The link below is an essay by one Benjamin Jensin, obviously about innovation and such in the US Marine Corps. Mr. Jensen's content is debatable, of course, as it is his opinion, but I bring it to people's attention as what might be an interesting jumping-off point for discussion on strategic and tactical stagnation in a Royal/Imperial military of semi-immortals. ... rd%20Brief

Re: Stagnation and innovation in RMN thinking

PostPosted:Fri Aug 03, 2018 5:51 pm
by John Fairbairn, KCE, MP
Seems like a call to remember that bigger and more is not always the answer. It seemed like Mr. Weber spoke to that issue when he described the 1st Battle of Manticore, the 2nd Battle of Manticore, and then again when he described the Mesa attack on Manticore. Most times better wins.

Re: Stagnation and innovation in RMN thinking

PostPosted:Mon Aug 06, 2018 9:50 am
by Chester Beedle
There needs to be a balance. Some of the thinking that we can do it all by being "better," is just a justification for not being larger or more numerous. "Quantity has a quality all it's own." However, pure quantity can not make up for a large enough gap in technology, equipment, or ability. As long as there are enough of those with superior equipment and ability. It has to be good enough, and there has to be enough of it. Focus too much on one or the other and you will lose.