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Tabletop Simulator Games

PostPosted:Wed Mar 09, 2022 11:32 am
by Barry Dewey-Robertson
Hi Everyone

I have recently set up a couple of games by ODGW on Tabletop Simulator and wanted to let you know in case you're interested. They are General Quarters 3 (WWII Naval Miniature Wargame) and GQ3 Fleet Action Imminent (WWI Naval using the same system). Links Below. I thought they might be useful for some of the Marksman awards etc. especially for those who can't game in person.

I'm also working on SITS for TTS but trying the get miniatures for it is a bit of a pain.

GQ3: ... 2698597247
FAI: ... 2750885623

Anyway, have a look and I'm happy to game with anyone if it will help.