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FantaSci Nerf Boarding Action

PostPosted:Thu Jan 31, 2019 3:35 am
by Arasin Staubly

I have confirmation from Admiral Lyons that we are a go for a nerf-style Boarding Action at FantaSci. The time slot is Friday from 2000 (8pm) to 2300 (11pm) in the Rose Room, with an hour before and after for setup and teardown. Eye protection is mandatory and the muzzle velocity cap is 120 FPS (I'll have a chronometer on site).

>>>Eye protection is MANDATORY. Normal glasses will readily stop the flying foam. Eye protection that covers the sides a little is best.

Prop level cosmetics are fine, but PLEASE, if it's even REMOTELY real-looking, transport it to the Boarding Action in something opaque.

Blasters may NOT be discharged outside the Boarding Action area unless specifically authorized by the correct officials or otherwise covered by Con rules.

1) If the estimated muzzle velocity of a blaster may be in question I'll check it over a chrono.

2) No half-length darts. With on-the-fly reloading, various blasters can be fine using full-lengths but run too hot with half-darts.

3) No Full Vinyl Jacket or similar hard-tipped darts.

4) Tags:
a) First tag to any limb disables that limb
b) Any additional tag to a limb puts you "out".
c) Any tag to the head or torso puts you "out".
d) The lower torso starts at the hip sockets / buttocks / groin.
e) The shoulders (including the socket area from the side) are torso.
f) If a Referee tells you you're out, you're out.

5) Keep it to a quick walk - no sprinting or power slides / dives.

6) Foam to Fling
a) Mark your foam if you want it back.
b) Expect others to (re)use your foam during games.
c) Other than special games, you can reload from the floor.
d) Try not to crush the foam ammo on the floor if you can.

7) Finally, if there's no way you could replace the blaster, don't borrow it.

We'll plan for a number of different game-type choices, to include Single-Shot-Only, No-Reload, and other specialty scenarios.


SMCPO Arasin T.M. Staubly
Bosun, HMS Saladin (DD-515)
Escort Division 06, Third Fleet
The Royal Manticoran Navy Fanclub
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