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 #6826  by Chuck Gannon
 Thu Jul 06, 2017 3:41 pm
After checking with both the Lord Admiral and Her Royal Highness (thanks, David and Sharon!), I am posting here at their encouragement, as well as other members who are fans of my work.

So, first item: consider participating in the voting for the The Dragon Awards. Conferred at Dragoncon, they are science fiction’s and fantasy’s only major award which does not require you to pay a fee or have a membership. All you need is an email address to nominate your favorite books, films, and games by category. Deadline for nominations is July 23/4.

Above and beyond everything else, go to the webpage and vote for your favorites, whichever books those happen to be!

Second Item: Of course, like so many other authors of novels in our genre, I have an eligible work this year, too: Caine’s Mutiny. It is the fourth book in the Caine Riordan series, but, unlike most of the prior novels, Caine’s Mutiny is straight up MILITARY science fiction. (And no, if David had any eligible works this year, I wouldn't be doing this PSA: I'd be voting for HIS book!)

So if you feel that Caine’s Mutiny is worthy of being nominated in the military sf category, I would be both delighted and honored if you are disposed to follow the link below and let your opinion be heard. ... tions.php

Also, please feel encouraged to share on social media, if you are so minded.

But ultimately, the important thing is--whatever books, games, or films are your favorites--that you consider using your vote to make your preferences known and to add your two cents to the broadest, most inclusive, of all awards in our genre.

Thanks to you all for allowing me to take a few moments of your time, and I look forward to seeing all those of you who are heading to Manticon in 2018!

Best wishes to you all,

Chuck Gannon


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